About Us

Welcome to innerQuest, a Division of Chiron Publications LLC. innerQuest publishes a diverse selection of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry books. As a division of Chiron Publications, innerQuest benefits from Chiron’s 30-year history in the industry. Chiron Publications books explore topics in Jungian and Depth Psychology, Myth, Spirituality, and Culture. With the launch of innerQuest, a Division of Chiron Publications, we intend to broaden the books offered without losing the spirit and focus of Chiron.  

Chiron Publications, the Asheville Jung Center, and now innerQuest, a Division of Chiron Publications are a consortium of media companies that boasts more than 150 titles, nearly 50 online seminars and continuing education programs, and various social media sites to promote thoughtful exploration of topics in Psychology, Contemporary Culture, Literature, and related fields. While we have over 150 books to browse by category on our sites, please take special notice of our new releases and featured titles.